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Welcome to Amiee Conn's Official Blog!

Hello all and Thank you for swinging by this page and supporting!

I'm just getting it started but here is where I will blog about new projects, bookings, life experiences, current events that are important and global topics and awareness' that need to be vocalized into the world for social justice and equality. Education and critical thinking is key and communication and conversations are necessary, especially in this day of age. We need more communicators and writers documenting life during this historical time frame we are all living in. And the arts of documenting and storytelling is absolutely a vital tool of life. Writing has always been a helping and healing tool for centuries. And we ALL have stories that need to be told and heard. So why not start with the written word and open yourself up to the possibilities of what you may learn and hopefully grow from?

It all starts from our own experiences, to bravely share with strangers or loved ones, trusting that if it can help one individual than it's worth it. And Never, Ever Limit Yourself.

You want to write something?

Then do it!

Write it down, in anyway you choose, but definitely self express and get it out!!

There is no 'wrong way' to do that (****as long as you're not hurting yourself or others of course)

Self-Expression helps everyone and is universal throughout the world and history.


What a beautiful thing!

Never take it for granted, Loves.

Never take it for granted...



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