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New Projects:

This is the Project Page. Here you will find Amiee's current projects in the works. Check back often for updates! 


"Barren" feature film

March 2024 - Amiee just wrapped this project last week! An indie film, written by PJ Bollinger, Co-Directed by PJ Bollinger and Alejandra Lopez (The Blue Cape). The story of a woman's journey experiencing IVF Treatments and the sisterhood relationships she builds a long the journey. A poignant story during very relevant and unprecedented historical times for women in America. 



"Second Chances" film

A Family Rom-Com, "Down-and-out former teen star Nick Stone (Ryan Ochoa), gets dragged into going to a wake with his sister, Disney (Destiny Ochoa), and his now mega star ex-girlfriend, Kayla (Amber Frank). Trouble ensues along the way that sets them on a journey they were NOT expecting." - Matt Grober (

Directed by David Venghaus Jr. (Spider Man: No Way Home, Minority Report, Disney's Jungle Cruise)

Written by Ryan Ochoa, Steve Weinberger, and David Venghaus Jr.


"A Tale of Earl Gray" - short film

A Western short film about an embattled Civil War veteran, dealing with all of his trauma, who goes into the desert to fight his inner demons. 

Directed by Michael King

Written by Kevin Kapellas, Justino Molinaro, Alex Papastratis

IMDB Link:


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